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Huldah Consulting provides a wide range of Information Technology solutions for your home and business. Ask us how we can help with your Information Technology needs.  

Based in southern Sydney, call us for help with you IT needs; we will tell you what is needed, and show you how to get everything working how you want it; leaving you time to run your business and to do the things you would rather do.

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Workstations and Servers

While you need them to get the work done, sometimes workstation and servers breed while you are not watching. Huldah Consulting can tame your computers, bring some sanity and order to the chaos you may have. This may involve standardising your applications, virtualising servers, and making storage and applications available to all users. Let Huldah Consulting review your objectives and help your team meet them.

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Database Creation and Integrity

You may have client information in many formats; difficult to pull it together while maintaining privacy and data integrity. Let Huldah Consulting sort out your databases so information is always available - correct and current..

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Documenting your Systems

You and your team may spend many hours creating and maintaining your IT systems, and that is needed. But when a critical part of that IT system fails, it can throw your operation into chaos. No-one is quite sure what goes where; no-one can run the system manually. Let Huldah Consulting examine your systems, document them and advise the optimum strategy for recovery.

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